إلى أين يذهبون به - English

You offer the funeral Salah at a corpse thatis laid before you.

You invoke Allah for it then you leave.

Then you feel a strange movement from his family who run at him to carry his body, and the people push one another to carry him.

The dead is moveless, has no stance, and does not say yes or no whether they carry or leave him.

His role in this life has come to an end.

Few hours ago, he was moving, looking, hearing, speaking, but now he is nothing; he is just a moveless body which neither its organs nor its senses work.

You invoke Allah for that poor person whose words ended and is no longer able to repeat the testimony of faith or glorify or praise his Lord. Few minutes ago, he was mentioning Allah, praising, and glorifying Him, but now he needs your invocations with mercy and forgiveness.

He was carried on a piece of wood, will be gone for a long time, and you will not see him again.

O Allah, bestow mercy on him! O Allah, be with him! O Allah, help him! O Allah, You are Merciful, bestow mercy on him.

O Allah, make this day the best of his days, and make this night the best of his nights.

He is going to the generous Lord, the Merciful.

O Allah, bestow mercy on him, O Merciful! O Allah, treat him generously!

People are getting him down in his grave. The grave is waiting for him: A deep hole in which his body will be placed, wrapped in a white garment, and tied from his head and his feet.

Dust is placed on him to cover him from eyes, and in order not to see the world again.

He is finished in this worldly life, moved to another life which is transitional in which angels will take control of him.

He is now being asked, O Allah, be with him and make him firm.

People did not place his identity and the keys of his house, his shop, his car; or his mobile with him in the grave. They did not place even a pen or a book to amuse him, or money to buy food with or to push away harm.

Nothing of all these will benefit him, he does not feel all these, and does not pay attention to them.

Money is worthless, even gold is like dust which was placed on him or like stones and insects that move around him.

They took him away to a far world where reckoning and retribution are found.